Find a business in your local city or anywhere in the entire United States with City Directory On Line. Our local business directory will include more than 20 million businesses. As of August 2013 we are 1,687,176 and growing. California is complete.

You can find a business by category, city, state, keyword or any combination of those search options. We suggest you limit your search to one city (or zip code is best) so that your results are restricted to a small area - one of the many features that makes City Directory On Line the leading directory for local business searches.

To find a business easily our search methods are designed to be simple, accurate, and provide what you seek. If you find a business is not listed in your city, contact us and tell us about that business.

Search our categories by selecting a category or sub-category below to see the extensive results throughout the US.

Featured lisings in every category within each zip code are limited.

Easily find a business in our database with the extended search options. You may communicate directly with a business from their single, full-page display, read reviews or write a review.

If you are a business owner, you will want to know that our rates are below any other directory. For only $7.99 per month you get a full-page display, up to 3 images and as long a description as you wish to write. It's like having your own 1-page Web site for less than eight dollars a month. You control the content, edits and images 24/7. Potential customers can contact you directly from your full-page display.

Add Your Listing Today!

We recommend using our "Search Listings". Type in a keyword, your zip code and search.

You will be happy to know your mobile device will work great in City Directory On Line. Whether you have a small device or a large pad, every device will work, and all listings have a QR code.


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